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United States
I'm just a person who likes horse racing, cats, art, writing, History, paleozoology, books, older music (as in 100 years old or older), linguistics, and a few other things. Most of the stuff that pops up in my gallery is either HARPG, cat genetics, or a little history related stuff.

Language wise, I am a native English speaker and a heritage speaker of Castilian Spanish. I also know rudimentary German.
Puedo hablar Inglés, Castellano (Español), y un poquito de Alemán.
Ich spreche Englisch, Spanisch, und ein bisschen Deutsch.

Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar

Arousa Military Riding School

CoA by Spotted-Tabby-Cat


    The Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar is a stable located in Galicia, Spain dedicated to preserving the history of the cavalry horse, focusing on sound, versatile horses and the preservation of mounted combat techniques. 


    Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar is located on the outskirts of the village Punta Rocha*, near the town of Rianxo in the province of A Coruña. It borders the Ría de Arousa and encompasses a large area including a ridge, several hills, a small valley, a small fraga**, and a sizable expanse of coast. 
Map here

*Punta Rocha: A made up village. All other named areas are real.
**Fraga: an isolated forest with deciduous trees, herbs, mosses, lichens and a diverse fauna.


    The Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar focuses on disciplines that mimic what a cavalry horse had to be able to do, therefore cavalry disciplines such as Skill at Arms, Major Howze, and Tent Pegging are the main focus. Dressage, being the foundational training and conditioning work is also done, up to alta escuela levels. Endurance/Raid is also participated in for the purpose of developing horses with good stamina. Eventing and show-jumping are also occasionally practiced, and horses are sometimes given bullfighting training.


Antón Guerrero-Aguado | Owner & rider


Sombreado - Cabalo Galego de Monte stallion


    The Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar utilizes horses of a variety of breeds and crosses, most prominently horses of Iberian origin. The preferred breeds, in no particular order, are:
  • Cabalo Galego de Monte (also known as PRG, Caballo Pura Raza Gallega, Galician Pony, Cabalo Pura Raza Galega)
  • Pura Raza Española (also known as PRE, Andalusian)
  • Puro Sangue Lusitano (also known as PSL, Lusitano)
  • Hispano-Árabe (also known as Hispano-Arabian, a cross between a PRE and an Arabian)
  • Caballo Tres Sangres (also known as Anglo Hispano-Arabian, a cross between PRE, Arabian, and Thoroughbred)
  • Caballo de Deporte Español (also known as CDE, Spanish Sporthorse, Spanish Warmblood)

Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar

Arousa Escuela de Equitacíon Militar


    La Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar es un estable situado en Galicia, España dedicado a la preservacíon de la historia del caballo de caballeria, enfocando en caballos sanos y versatiles y el preservacíon de las técnicas de combate montado. 


    Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar esta en las afueras de el pueblo de Punta Rocha*, cerca de el ciudad de Rianxo en la provincia de A Coruña. Se toca la Ría de Arousa y engloba una zona grande incluso una cresta, varias montes, un valle pequeño, una fraga** pequeña, y un grande parte de la costa
Map here

*Punta Rocha: Un pueblo ficticio. Todos los otros lugares son reales.
**Fraga: Un bosque aislado con arboles caducos, hierbas, musgos, líquenes y una fauna diversa.


    La Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar enfoca en disciplinas que imitán lo que un caballo de caballeria debia tener el poder para hacer, así que disciplinas de caballeria como Habilidad en Armas, Major Howze, y Tent Pegging son los enfoques principales. Doma, siendo el entrenamiento y trabajo condicional fundamental tambien es hecho, hasta los leveles de alta escuela. Raid es participó en tambien para tener caballos con aguante. Eventing y salta de obstaculos tambien son practicados, y los caballos son dado practica de toreo a veces.


Antón Guerrero-Aguado | Dueño y jinete


Sombreado - Cabalo Galego de Monte semental


    La Arousa Escola de Equitacíon Militar usa caballos de una variacíon de razas y cruces, más prominentemente razas de origen Ibericas. Los razas más preferidas, sín orden, son:
  • Cabalo Galego de Monte (también conocido como PRG, Caballo Pura Raza Gallega, Galician Pony, Cabalo Pura Raza Galega)
  • Pura Raza Española (también conocido como PRE, Andalusian)
  • Puro Sangue Lusitano (también conocido como PSL, Lusitano)
  • Hispano-Árabe (también conocido como Hispano-Arabian, un cruce entre una PRE y un Árabe)
  • Caballo Tres Sangres (también conocido como Anglo Hispano-Arabian, un cruce entre una PRE, Árabe, y Pura Sangre Inglés)
  • Caballo de Deporte Español (también conocido como CDE, Spanish Sporthorse, Spanish Warmblood)


RK3DE Inspection
Ralphie's Inspection extra for the J.C. Rolex Kentucky 3DE.

Story here, hopefully.

Quickly did this yesterday. The blue speckles are supposed to be rain, but I'm not sure the effect is entirely complete. And alas, some of the texture in the grass and bushes is hidden by the slight desaturation, darkening, and the rain. I was originally going to reference one of the other horses in the photo, but as I was sketching I realized that the pose is quite different from what Ralphie would be doing, so I started a different one. But I do have that sketch saved, and there is a good chance that it will eventually see the light of day. Rosalind looks really weird here (I blame it on trying to get the image done quickly), and there's something off about Ralphie's neck.

Horse & Rider:
Skeleton traced from one of my own pictures
From video provided as reference in the show journal
El Marcador - The Marker

Un image extra de Sombreado por equiBREAK: el empacion de el entrenamiento de clicker con aprendiendo el marcador y costumbres. Aunque AEEM tiene un enfoque en preservando la historía del caballo de caballería, ciencia moderna es usado en muchos aspectos del establo, incluso entrenamiento. Por eso, entrenamiento de clicker es usado junto con mas tradicíonal métodos de entrenamiento. 

Sombreado no era tan seguro cuando Antón empezo su entrenamiento de clicker, pero aprendio rapidamente que el 'Moi ben!*' significo que el va a recibir un parte de zanahoria. Tambien aprendío que solo recibí un 'Moi ben!' si no era poniendo su cabeza en Antón y era relajado. 

*'Moi ben!'- Galego por 'Muy bien!'

La zanahoria es un poco desmasiado café y no naranja, y el brazo de Antón es muy palido. Pero, eso es que pasa cuando vives donde es lluvando casi todo el tiempo.

Nombre: Sombreado
Apodo: Sombreado
Sexo: Semental
Edad: 0 años
Raza: Cabalo Galego do Monte (Galician Pony)
Altura: 1.34 metros (cuando adulto)
Color: Negro
Genética: EE/aa/ff
Marcas: Pequeña estrella
Linaje: Fundación
Personalidad: Con mucho energía, Sombreado le gusta explorar su mundo y mete en todo, aunque tambien es tranquilo, no asustando facilmente. Inteligente, es facil entrenar lo, y ofrece muchos comportamientos.
Jinete Principal: Antón Guerrero-Aguado

An extra image of Sombreado for equiBREAK: the beginning of clicker training with learning the marker and manners. Although AEEM focuses on preserving the history of the cavalry horse, modern science is used in many aspects of the stable, including training. Because of that, clicker training is used in combination with more traditional methods of training.

Sombreado wasn't entirely sure when Antón started his clicker training, but he soon learned that 'Moi ben!'*' meant that he would receive a piece of carrot. He also learned that he only got a 'Moi ben!' when he wasn't putting his head into Antón and was relaxed.

*'Moi ben!' - Galician for 'Very good!'

The carrot piece is a little too brown and not orange, and Antón's arm is very pale. But, that is what happens when you live where it's raining most of the time.

Name: Sombreado
Nickname: Sombreado
Sex: Colt (Stallion)
Age: 0 years
Breed: Galician Pony (Cabalo Galego do Monte)
Height: 13.1 hh (when adult)
Color: Black
Genetics: EE/aa/ff
Markings: Small star
Lineage: Foundation
Personality: With lots of energy, Sombreado likes to explore his world, getting into everything, although he generally remains calm, not spooking easily. Intelligent, he is easy to train, and often offers many behaviors.
Main Rider: Antón Guerrero-Aguado

Reference/Referencía: None for Sombreado & Antón, Google Maps for background/Ningún por Sombreado y Antón, Google Mapas por el fondo.
Rolex Dressage
Ralphie's Dressage for the J.C. Rolex Kentucky 3DE.

Story here, hopefully.

And Ralphie's back at it again! I don't know if I'll do the other two legs of the Grand Slam again this year, but I'll at least try my best to finish off Rolex. So here's Ralphie cantering down the centerline. A story of some sort will be added later, I hope.

Horse & Rider:
Background: (Partially traced)
From a video of Michael Jung & Fischerrocana in the 2016 Rolex Dressage phase, though I can't seem to find it now. It might have been this one, but i'm not seeing the frame in it.
Ralphie is a Winner
Just a quick(ish) drawing to celebrate Ralphie turning 8 and his season last year. Featuring:
-TheJockeyClub registration papers
-Thoroughbred of Merit Certificate
-Win photos from Churchill Downs race prior to being retrained
-Badminton HT Trophy
-High Point Eventing/Combined Trophy
-High Point Hunter/Jumper Trophy
-High Point O.T.T.B. Trophy
-High Point English Div. (Twice for some reason?)
-FEI Classics Winner Blanket
-Jockey Club Highest-Placed Registered Thoroughbred Rolex Halter
-Gold Merit Award
-Best Sport Gelding Ribbon
-Hampton Classic 2nd Ribbon
-Badminton Horse Trials 1st Ribbon
-TJC Spring Training Find Your Wings Graduate Ribbon
-TJC Monthly Show 1st Ribbon (Won multiple times, only one shown)
-Rolex Kentucky 3DE 3rd Ribbon
-Olympia London Horse Show 1st Ribbon
-SVI Int. Horse Show Intermediate 1st Ribbon
-SVI Int. Horse Show Jumping Reserve Champion Ribbon
-A Ralphie without facial markings (I might add them later, we'll see)
-A Rosalind with a very creepy smile

Ralphie & Rosalind done with no reference, winning photos done with no reference, ribbons, blanket, certificates, & gold merit referenced form respective awards, trophies traced, background to winning photo from some image of Barbaro's statue that I stupidly forgot to save the link to.
Having another Join.Me, hopefully longer this time. Still working on lining Ralphie:
(Just going to note that Join.Me has been a bit iffy today so I might need to put a new link later)

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